G20 Seoul Summit 2010 – Communications Exhibition Event

COM was commissioned to create a unique experience center and a first of its kind multi-media dome show for the G20 Summit held in Seoul, Korea in November 2010. Teaming up with Oracle again, we supplied our 18m StratoSphere Blackout Dome and QuadDome to serve as the main platform for the event, dubbed “G20 Communications Exhibition.”

The domes provided the exhibition space for the showcasing of various technologies from leading Korean high-tech companies and agencies. The Blackout Stratosphere treated visitors to a continuous 360 degree projection display inside the dome throughout the day. It was used to promote the city of Seoul, highlight the G20 Summit and provide branding for the various sponsors.

In the evening, both domes were lit up using a combination of interior/exterior projections, lighting and lasers in order to create a featured 15-minute digital multimedia show that ran 12 times a night.

Korea Communications Commission (KCC) and Seoul Metropolitan Government jointly hosted the event and was sponsored by The Presidential Committee for the G20 Summit. Corporate Sponsors included SK Telecom, Samsung, LG Electronics, KBS and others.

The Stratosphere was specifically chosen for this event as its innovative design and its advanced projection technologies coincide identically to the primary purpose of the event – to showcase Korea as one of the global leaders in advanced technologies. The event was held in front of City Hall in downtown Seoul and lasted for 9 days, with daily visitors reaching up to 10,000.